Ani is a complete pushover. The only reason he's grouped in with the other powerhouse enemies (KOU, Proggy) is simply because he's accessible after the game's over.

At any rate, a quick review of how to get to him:
First, you must speak to a man in the Victorian Base after the game ends. Talk to the person left of the Core door. (If you don't know which door leads to the Victorian Core, then eat a spore.)

He'll tell you about Ani. Return to Hein's Castle Entrance. NOTE: DO NOT GO TO THE RED WORLD OR I WILL EAT YOUR JUGULAR VEIN.

Walk on the bridge as if you were going to go to the castle, but talk to a red portal on the way.

99999 HP

Absolutely pathetic.

He can't do anything. No, wait, he can, but it's useless. I am able to defeat him with a single character: Nayu, at level 60, without any RBs. He's extremely fast and has a move called Earthquake, but it does minimal to 0 damage. He's a terrible excuse for a boss, but he's fast…

Fun Fact: He, in truth, has an arsenal of terrifying moves (Darkness Possess, Hold "Back," "Up," etc.) However, he can't use a single one of them.

Rewards: Blitz Command for Zeru.

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