Antlan's Arc

Go talk to Antlan with Lenna alone and as your main character.

Talk to Antlan again. You go somewhere, and fight a Soul Eater. As soon as Antlan attacks he is screwed. Anyways, attack. You go back to the base, and Antlan is taking a rest. Afterwards, he comes out and doesn't remember who Lenna is.

Lenna will go talk to Athena, she tells you to get a magical leaf from Ligators. They spawn at the road to Kerning City. She also says that magical fruit drops from emo slimes in the Sharenian mine. However, she says try the leaf first before getting the fruit. So now go hunt for a magical leaf.

Go talk to Antlan with a magical leaf in your inventory. It won't work, so go get a magical fruit. It won't work either.

Talk to Antlan again. Choose "Start Over Again". You introduce yourself…

Talk to him again. He says Lenna looks hurt…and it depresses him. Talk to him again, this time
choosing the option to go somewhere. He mentions something about the lake. He won't tell you when he started to remember. Anyways, he learns Carnival Throw.

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