Overworld rem10.png
Game Fragmented Dreams
Class Dream Walker
Age 17
Height 172 cm
Weight 61 kg
Likes Milk Tea, sleeping
Hates Nothing

Rem is a playable character in Fragmented Dreams and the protagonist of Dream Arc.

A high school student who lived a normal life until he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Admitted to the 9th floor Velumia Hospital he meets other people with the same fate.
Not knowing when his life will end he decides to grant the resident's dreams before the time comes.

Dream Arc

At first after being diagnosed with terminal illness Rem fell in a severe depression; breaking all his previous relationships
including his childhood friend Lume. That is until he Dream Walked for the first time in the Velumia Hospital.
Together with Shirune they defeated his nightmare which helped him overcome his depression.


-Dream Walking
-Nightmare Sealing
-Dream Combat
-Master's Seal

In Game

When Dream Walking Rem has the ability to wield blades that allows him to destroy nightmares.
As a party member he has the ability to heal, buff, and dps. His attacks are also versatile since he's able to learn both pierce and slash skills allowing him to adapt his skill choices depending on the monster's weakness.




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