Controls and Shortcuts

NOTE: These are by the default key settings.

Arrow Keys - Move the party/cursor around.
A - Allocate your party's AP.
S - Check your Monsterdex.
W - Use the Warp Stone. (Not immediately available)
Z / Shift(Holding) - Running Shoes. (Must be obtained from the purple man in Silver Rod City or his brother husband in Intortus City)
Q/W - Navigate between certain windows (Status page, Skills window, Inventory, etc.)

Field Menu

Item - Check what's inside your inventory / Use items

Skills - Check the list of known skills of each character (Some skills can be used outside of battle).

Equip - View and change the equipment of each character.

Status - View each character's overall stats, portraits, classes, and equipment.

Party - View and change the order of the party members (Only the top four characters will participate in battle, but everyone will gain [a little bit less] EXP even if they did not participate).

Transformations - View the transformations of the party members. Your transformations gain EXP just like the party does (if the transformed person is present during the battle and survived, they get full EXP while their normal form gains a little bit less EXP).

Soul Summon - View the stats of your summons, including Soul Summoner's Relics, Soul Shadower's Clone, and a wide array of full-party-switch summons obtained from the side quests and main storyline. All summons obtained will gain EXP just like the party (if the summons participated in battle and survived, they get full EXP).

Save - Save your game.

Load - Load your game.

Options - Change the volume of the BGM/SFX music.

Exit - Exit the game.

Battle Menu

Attack - Basic attack.
Soul Rage - Powerful skills usable only when overdrive bar is at max. Accessed while pressing Right when the cursor is on Attack command. Maximum Soul Rage is also required to transform and full-party-switch summon.
Switch - Switches the current character with a character from your reserve party (if you have more than four people). The turn is not wasted, allowing the new character to take action.
Soul Skill - First job skills. Changed when transformed.
Soul [Class Name] - 2nd job skills. Name varies depending on character job. (Disabled when transformed)
Soul React - A category of skills that are learned by certain characters in battle depending on the circumstances. These skills appear in some boss battles and are vital in maintaining the advantage against them. They disappear after the battle ends.
Items - Check Inventory / Use items

Defend - Take half damage and regain some HP/MP when used. If attacked normally while defending, has a chance for the defender to execute a basic attack against the attacker.
Skip - No action is taken.
Status - Toggle On/Off. Used to check current ally's stats.
Escape - Run from battle, has a small chance of failing.

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