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Hey there! If you've come here, then you've probably either stumbled onto the far corner of the Internet, or you need help with the dark abominations that lurk within Final Story III. Or you were just curious. Either way, if you've decided to read some more, let's begin!

This is the hub for the guides of the post-(post)-game content of Final Story III. Feel free to browse them at your leisure, but please do not copy, paste, or post these guides anywhere else. Instead, link back here if you want to share~ It would really help the Final Story community!

If you do not take spoilers kindly, you should be warned that there will be possible spoilers (mainly of game mechanics)! Turn back if you don't want to get spoiled :c
Also there are theories maybe.

If anyone wants to help contribute to the post-game guides here, let me know via the forums!

Update Notes
- added Secret Boss #2 (v0.74)
- updated some information for Secret Boss #1 (v0.72)
- added Rank S arena (v0.72)
- added Secret Boss #1 (v0.71)

Basic Recommendations

FSIII v0.71
Are you hyped? 'Cause we're hyped! Leggo!

Status: Complete
updated as of v0.74


FSIII v0.72
Rank S Arena tho. You can access Rank S during Awakening Arc, but it's still pretty hard.

Status: Incomplete
updated as of v0.74


FSIII v0.74
I dreamed…that FSIII will get another version.

Status: Incomplete
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