Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

For those of you unacquainted with the Final Story fanbase, there may be a few things you go "Huh?" at.

I'll just put down here things that might raise an eyebrow or two.

RBs : Rebirths. After the Red World, you are able to "Rebirth" your characters, that is, set them back to level 1 from level 99. Why do this, you ask? Because their AP doesn't reset itself. You get 490 more AP from another 98 levels. (98*5=490)

Note: In case you're curious, you need 14 RBs for max stats.

FSI/FSII : Final Story I and II. Self explanatory, mate.

KOU: King of the Underworld. He has such a long-winded name, we just call him the KOU.

The Great Pomegranate/Proggy : The Progenitor. I (Neo) came up with the Pomegranate thing, but we all just call him Proggy most of the time.

"[Insert some variation of dissing Nayu here] [Insert variation of Melody killing speaker.]" Due to Melody's icy yet wholehearted protection of her charge and her odd ability to appear out of nowhere, occasionally, we say things like:
Person 1: "Hey look. Nayu suc— *Gets stabbed in the back*"

A variation of this is calling her a tsundere, (though nobody's seen her deredere side yet…)

General fear of Nayu: Nayu is kind, cheery, and a bit of a ditz, but a lot of us view her as a bit unstable with possible homicidal tendencies.
Zeru: You get two choices. Lose to a "game" with Nayu, or burn in a fire.
Unaware person: Lose to a game, of course.
Blaster(or Fantasy), Neo, Cain, Viper, Etc: Ooooh, bad choice, mate.

"KOU. WHY U NO DIE" : Happens a lot less often now, but this is attributed to KOU form 6's devastating combination:
- You can hardly do any damage to him without using Charge
- He can dispel charge
- He has a healing spell that will heal HALF HIS HP AND HE CAN USE IT WHENEVER HE WANTS TO.
Also known as "Salvespam."

Hakura schizophrenia
As part of Hakura's arc, Athena believes Hakura has schizophrenia for talking to a parasite that feeds on her fears that only she can see. Zeru makes jokes like:
"Imagine that FS is actually a world dreamed by Hakura in a delirium."
Of course, if that were true, there would be a lot of sad pandas.

Threat of having hands eaten.
The joke got old and then I ate someones hand when they deleted random pages ~Admin
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