Hakuras Arc

Make Zeru the main character, and then go talk to Hakura alone. You will train with her for a while, and then she will punch you and send you flying into the water. Then go talk to her again. She tells you to get leather. from Bellamoas. so she can make a glove. Bellamoas are found right below Perion, although the encounter rate is quite low, so it might take a while. Anyways once you get the leather go back to her again and she will thank you. Talk to her again, and she will take you to a restaurant. She will talk about how she became strong to protect an old friend, which isn't Lenna. Then talk to her again. She says her friend is coming for a visit. Then Athena will talk to Zeru, and she will say she's not sure about Hakura's friend and that hakura might have schizophrenia, which is like random hallucinations. She says Hakura calls her friend often, but when Athena listens to her conversations, she only hears Hakura's voice. Anyways then Athena will say she will check if that person exists on Victoria Island. But meanwhile she needs a black wing. So go to the red world where the entrance to Hein's Castle is and hunt Black Wyverns. Once you get the black wing go talk to Hakura again. Athena will contact Zeru again and tell him that Hakura's friend DOES NOT EXIST.

Now go talk to Hakura again. DO NOT TELL HER THE TRUTH.
You will go back to your room. Then go talk to her again.
She will introduce you to her friend, and you won't see anything, because her friend isn't supposed to exist.

Then you will see Xeru flash for a brief moment…
Then you will see her friend Kuhara. You figure out that she is a PARASITE INSIDE HAKURA. Then you get teleported to this weird place. follow the path. When you get to the end talk to Kuhara.


Before this battle, make sure your Zeru is strong enough. He needs to take out the invisible Hakura's Fears, which will allow Hakura to not be "terrified" anymore. After taking out the Fears, then Hakura can attack. Don't attack Kuhara with Zeru, because his attacks heal her. Should your Hakura be far too weak to do anything in this battle, the other choice is to use the FSI-exclusive Double Over Slash. Make sure to alternate between Aegis Defense and an attack every turn, because Shark Wave hits for quite a bit of damage. However, when Aegis Defense is active, it hit 0 on both my Zeru and Hakura. DO NOT USE SR.

After beating Kuhara, go talk to Hakura again. Tell her you want to go somewhere, and if you have Shark Wave, then Hakura gets Sword Blast.

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