Victoria Base

Victoria Base!
Hotel, Rating: 5-Star

With Hot Springs, indoor forestry, indoor flora and fauna, magical defenses, a giant waterfall, and an extensive library with manga and magic spellbooks!

Cost: Variable. Contact Athena Pierce for details. World-saving heroes have fees waived. Room keys are given out in the form of amulets.

Food: All three meals are provided, though people staying there can cook themselves as well, because people can just seem to produce ingredients out of nowhere.


  • The mysterious hotspring! …Nobody knows what it does.
  • The helpful but greedy merchant! Sells all the potions you want, some crappy equipment, and the ever-useful Elixir!
  • Rooms suited to the tastes of all! Except Antlan. He gets a cave.
  • The Library, with skills taught like Bullet Storm , Barrage, 7 different Elemental Barriers, Barrier of Darkness, Purge, Revolver Shot, Blade Impact, and Charge/Magic Charge!
  • Great dating site! Many legendary heroes have spoke intimately (really now?) at the base of the giant waterfall! There's a beach, too!
  • Escapist! There's a weird guy standing right next to the room of the main hero who teaches you Escape 4! There's a price though: 10,000 mesos!
  • Great tourist attractions! See the legendary Core of Victoria Island
  • Shoe craftsman! A weird guy with purple skin near the library can craft you a pair of Running Shoes with a Burning Stone, Cursed Stone, and Poison Heart!
  • Rebirth! Level 99? Feeling like there's nothing left to fight? Reached your limit? Well, not anymore! In exchange for fighting weird green clocks, a man here will reset you back to level 1— all for free!

Come down to the Victorian Base!

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