Lost Underworld

The Lost Underworld:

Type of Map: Dungeon

Difficulty: E M H SH S (Easy, Medium, Hard, Super-Hard, Sadistic) : S

Number of puzzles: 3

Enemy difficulty: At this point in the game, normal Underworld fare is no problem.

Bosses: 1 (Pomegranate)

Ah, the Lost Underworld. As of now, it's the hardest and latest dungeon, with gigantic maps, sadistic hole puzzles, and things along the lines of such.

Well, this won't be pretty.
If you want to clear the stages, then at least, say, eight or nine rebirths. If you wanna beat the boss, you need at the very least 11 Rebirths.

Good reading skills for the stages.
Running shoes, to make your life easier.

For the boss:
At least 11 RBs
TONS of Elixirs.
Best armor you can get
Lots of potions
Lots of patience
Ample FS knowledge
Sphere of Time


First, walk over to the KOU's place. Enter the portal next to him, and prepare for death.
Move north, then right, then north at the first fork. Go left, then down. Fight the orbs. You will have to fight 2 Subordinate I's and 1 Subordinate II. (I will assume you've beaten the KOU already…)

Next, backtrack to the "First Fork." At this part, move right as much as possible. Just keep following the path left . When you can't anymore, go down into a pool of acid and to the lower-right corner. Fight 3 Subordinate II's.

Next, go to where you fought the 2 Subordinate I's and 1 Sub. II. Go north, but don't cross the white bridge thing. Instead, move right, then up when you can. Fight the orb (3 Sub. I's)
Then, go back to the white bridge thing. Keep going up. You'll have to continually zigzag to get to the stairs

Underworld B65
You will see many holes, but only one is correct.
It is the one directly lower-right of the stairs.
Go up.
The next hole is the far lower-right one. Go up.
The next hole is the left-most one.
The next hole is tricky to describe. It is not the right-most one. There are four rows of holes, from left to right.
It is 1, 1, 2, 1 rows. Basically, think of it this way: Look at the screen from left to right. There are four rows of holes, right?
In the row with 2, it is the bottom one.
The next hole…Again with the rows:
2, 1, 1, 1

It's the far right one.

The next one, it is the far right-bottom one.

Next, it is the far left.
Far right one…and you have entered the next room.

Now it's a portal maze! Joy…
Upper-right most,
Upper right most again
Lower-right most
Upper-left most
Upper-right most
This one, it is on the upper-right most. Do not go to the lower-most one, even though it is more right. UPPER-RIGHT MOST!!
Next, the portal you're standing on.
Upper-left most
Upper-right most

Now, this part is a bit self-explanatory. However, random encounters will bother you and your HP WILL CONSISTENTLY DROP.
Keep yourself healed.

Next room…Is the boss room…

Touch the portal near the blue flame to connect yourself.
Prepare for a tough battle if you don't know what you're doing.
If you, by chance, WANT to know what you're doing, go here.

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