Melody's Arc

Go talk to Melody alone with Zeru. Don't forgot to make sure he is your main character.

Go talk to her again…. and again… she tells you to go away again… so leave. However, Nayu will stop you. She will say that Melody lost her amulet. So go search in Henesys. Go down to the tree next to the pond that is the second lowest to the bottom. Right under that tree is where it is. Once you get it go back to Melody.

Then talk to her again. She tells you to get a Green Heart from Ignored. So go to the Underworld. Ignored is the monster with the girl hair and no face. So hunt them.

Got it yet? Go back and talk to her. Tell her you will keep a secret. She calls you an idiot but
thanks you.

Go talk to her again… and again. This time you go to her secret spot where she met Nayu.

Talk to her again. She tells you to go get a Purple Heart from Threatened in the Underworld. So go hunt them. Once you get one go back and talk to her again. She takes you to the same place.

BOSS BATTLE: Mysterious Hunter

This boss has 2 moves, Magic Claw and Energy Bolt. They hit 1-2k damage. Pretty easy fight.

However, after the fight the guy activates Melody's curse and Zeru starts dying. Then he finds himself back at base. So, now you ask around and FIND HER! However, nobody seems to know who Melody is.

After you ask everybody Zeru freaks out. Then suddenly he finds himself in some person's house…

Chime joins your party. She is level 10…. with no equips… or skills… Anyways exit that place. Then enter the portal at the top of the map. Now you are in a mysterious forest. Go to the top, you should see a portal slightly concealed behind a tree. Enter it. Then you get the item, but she gets cursed. The curse gets passed down through generations… get it now?

Then you find Melody and Nayu in the secret place, but they have no idea who you are. That stupid guy appears again and Zeru destroys him :D

Now you find yourself back at base. Talk to Melody. You find out that you lifted her curse.

Talk to her again. This time take her somewhere. At the end of the conversation you get a move, as usual. Make sure you have Phosphoric Cut though. You will learn Carnival Cut.

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