Nayu's Arc

Completed: Main Storyline
Recruited: Melody and Nayu

Be alone with Zeru in your party only. Go upstairs and speak to Nayu. Agree to play with her, and you'll play a thrilling game of Battleship! In truth, your results here do not affect the rest of the arc, so, if you wish to progress, just choose the first option and lose.

Now, speak to her again. She'll invite you for a (date) talk by the waterfall. Accept, and read about her logistics about happiness and sweets.

After the waterfall, speak to her again. She wants an eccentric piece of candy from Cacti. A good encounter spot for these Cacti is the eastern exit out of Perion that connects the Mines and the City.

Return, and give her the Candy. Next, speak to her again. After a bit of talk of her leaving, her mother will appear and demand her return. You will fight her.
If your characters have any RBs at all, this 99999 HP woman's going down in an instant.

Anyhow, next, you will be presented a choice: Should Nayu stay, or go? Tell her to go, or you lose.

Next, Zeru will ponder on why Nayu's been gone for so long. Melody appears in Zeru's room, and warns him against trying to help her harness her powers.
Zeru will return to where Nayu once was, and use Xeru to access her…er…alternate dimension place?
Nayu is chained to…something…and keeps crying out about how harnessing her powers is so painful. You will then be presented with a choice: Intervene, or not intervene? Do NOT intervene.

Nayu controls her powers, and all is well…
Next, speak to her again, and it's another waterfall scene. Here, your choices don't matter; whatever you say, goes.
At the end, if Nayu has the skill The Seventh Blow, she will obtain the skill The Eighth Finisher.

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