The Progenitor.

In order to access this powerful Superboss, you must first have cleared the trials of the Lost Underworld. The Lost Underworld is only accessible after you have beaten the game.

You can choose between:
A 5RBs party along with Melody or Royke
A 14 RBs party without either of the aforementioned characters.

Lots of potions
Lots of patience
Sphere of Time

The Progenitor has a fixed moveset. The First Form's moveset will be a point of reference for all of the other alterations. i.e. This is the "Norm."

FORM 1: Floating Head with 50000 HP.
Oh, and 600 PMDEF. That's right, this guy already has TWICE FSI Reyka's DEF.
He has a fixed moveset.
NOTE: Since the other forms are continuously moving, you never know what "Turn" they're on: Only the alive form's ATB is shown.
However, they all have a fixed moveset.

1+10X (That means on turn 1, 11, 20, etc…) PRIMITIVE BLOW. It does about 3.4k in this form, but in Form 6, it can go upwards of 5.2k. Full party attack.

2+10X (Turn 2, 12, etc.) CHAOTIC THUNDER. It does about 6.2k party and paralyzes. That's right. If you don't heal after turn 1, it's pretty much Game Over.

3+10X (Turn 3, 13…you get the point.) FRIGID. This will dispel all your buffs while hitting you with Weak, which halves your STR. Not good.

4+10X WILDANCE CURSE. Ever heard of Malboros with their Bad Breath in Final Fantasy? Well this is kinda like that. If this connects, it Confuses AND Burns you. Have Immunize.

5+10X TEMPEST ICE. Not nice. It hits for about 6.2k party and can freeze.

6+10X REPAIR. Heals 50,000. Bad.

7+10X NECROSIS. His most dangerous move, it can hit upwards of 12k PARTY. That's right, without buffs this is instant kill.

8+10X ABYSSAL FUME. This hits for about 5.2k party and burns.

9+10X Another FRIGID.

10+10X Omnidirectional Wind. This hits equal as Chaotic Thunder, but slows you as well. Something you really don't want in this battle.

Form 2: 60000 HP with 700 PMDEF
Getting meaner. 9+10X is replaced with OBEY, a Darkness Possesion clone.

Form 3: 70000 HP with same PMDEF.
8+10X is replaced with Frigid.

Form 4: 80000 HP
8+10X goes back to Abyssal Fume, and 9+10X becomes Wildance Curse.

Form 5: 99999 HP with 800 PMDEF
Abyssal Fume and Omnidirectional Wind swap places.

Form 6: 103018 HP with 850 PMDEF
Moveset swaps back to original. Can use Life Spawn "End of Time" on any given turn.

The Strategy: Almost all of these moves can miss. That is right. That's why Quicken or Shadow Haste is so important. Remember to recast after every casting of Frigid.

Form 1 Strat: Kill it. No, really, it has 50000 HP. No problem.
2: Alright, here is where the difficulty begins. It's by this time he can probably cast stronger attacks now, so bring up immunize. Don't charge, though. Too much risk with too little gain right now.
3: Same as 2.
4: Uh…same as 2.
5: HERE is where you can start charging. Never charge your full party though, because if a lucky attack gets through, you're dead.
6: Good luck. Charge, but still, never charge your full party. Good God, NEVER USE BERSERKER RAGE! That thing doesn't let you dodge.

Yeah, this truly is the survival of the fittest. If you can predict his next move, try casting an Ice Barrier/Volt Barrier or an Aegis Defense before it connects.

If you win, you get 150,000 EXP and 30,000 Mesos
Plus a 70% Chance at an Abyssal Armor

SOURCES: The Lost Underworld Guide, By NeoFrost

See Also: A Rapid Stats Rundown of the Progenitor

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