Serenes Arc

First of all, go to the base talk to Athena and make a solo Zeru party.
If Zeru is not your main character go to your room and there will be a notepad next to your
bed on a desk.
Change your main character to Zeru and then go talk to Serene ALONE.
There should be a second choice, and you should be able to talk to her.
After the scene Serene will ask you to get her a flower. Say "Of course"! She will tell you to go get a Cellion Flower.
Go to the Wind Temple and hunt Blue Cellions to get 'em. There is a 10% drop rate. After you get it go back and talk to Serene again. Give her the same answer again. She will say she wanted the flower so Antlan could make something silly with it.
Talk to her again. She will ask you if you have any free time, say yes. You will then meet her at Lith Harbor.

You will have a conversation with Serene. She will tell you that she doesn't think that Antlan is her legit brother. She will ask you what you think she should do.
Pick "Try to find out the truth". Anyways after this go talk to her again. She will say that a Blue Heart will be needed for the test. So now go to the Underworld.

Once you get to the Path of Two Worlds just go up into the Underworld. This first map is where you can fight "Blamed". They have a 30% chance of dropping Blue Hearts. Anyways once you get one go and talk to Serene again. You will give it to her. Now talk to her again. You will go to the beach and fight a Sick Pianus. Destroy it. Then after you go back talk to her.

Serene will tell you to read the contents in the folder. You will find out that Antlan is not
Serene's legitimate brother. Then you will be faced with a decision. Tell her the truth. Serene will cry a bit, then you will go tell Antlan. Then you will get a new option when talking to Serene.

Go talk to her again. Tell her you want to go somewhere You will go to the beach again. Just answer these questions however you want.
After the scene Serene will get Sword of Faith A really powerful skill, however, you will need to have Magic Pillar or you will get nothing.

You can always go back and talk to her and chose to go to somewhere so you can finish the scene, get Magic Pillar, and then finish it again to get Sword Of Faith.

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