You can access this boss by going into the portal next to the Goddess of Tempest. Talk to the glowing orb in the middle of the map, and Xannel goes through a small dialogue.


As you can see, Xannel doesn't have a spot on the turn bar. She attacks randomly, so be on guard with some buffs. She and her will have some very random skills, such as:

DARKNESS POSESSION: Posesses you. Be sure to use Barrier of Darkness.
OMEGA DRAGON CRUSHER: Mob damage. Be sure to use some buffs, or at least have good armor.
DESPAIR: HEI-AN STANCE: Not this again…This will end up leading to
MISERABLE FATE: If you don't use the Amulet of Hope that you should have, then it's Game Over
SALVE: Heals around 25k hp.
BLOOD BENDING "*": These are basically the usually HOLD skills. Sky = Up. Back = Behind. Ground = Down.

When Xannel gets to half of her hp, she transforms. She gets a full heal, and uses a skill that blinds you. This basically means that you can't see the middle of your screen. This is when things get tricky. She usually uses the Blood Bending: ??? skill right after, so you need to use the speakers to guess which direction is which. Take note that each direction sounds different. However, she often uses Down, so if you can't tell, try that. When she gets to around half of her hp again, she uses ILLUMINATION: HEAVEN'S JUDGEMENT. This hits you for a good amount of hp, but unblinds you. Kill her.

Once you kill her, she drops an Infinity Sword Cannon, a weapon for Lenna. She also gives 105010 EXP and 20100 Mesos.

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