Zeika's Arc

First, change your main character to Lenna. You can do this by going to your room and talking to the notepad on the table right next to your bed. Then, go talk to Zeika. He says he is learning how to make salad. Now, go talk to him again. He says he is mastering the path of the salad.

Anyways, he needs a tomato. Now go hunt some Red Wyverns. Give the tomato to Zeika.

After you give it to him talk to him again. Now he wants lettuce. So go to the wind temple and hunt some Yellow Cellions. Then go talk to him again. You give him the lettuce.

Go talk to him yet again. He gives you a book called the "Thunder Thief" (You don't
actually get the book.)

Go talk to him again. You go relax in Orbis. You try his salad which tastes okay.

Go talk to him again. This time you guys go to the top of El Nath Mountain. You fall off… Then Zeika turns into… a phoenix? He tells you to keep a secret, say that YOU CAN'T. Then, you go back to base and show everybody who Zeika really is. Everybody thinks it is cool. Now go talk to him again.

Go to Zeika again, but tell him that you want to go somewhere. After the conversation he learns Holy Pillar!

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